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Afghan NGOs’ Coordination Bureau (ANCB)
ANCB’s General Assembly 2015

The 24th Assembly of Afghan NGOs’ Coordination Bureau (ANCB) was summoned on April  06 2015 according 17 Hmal, 1994 in Inter-Ccontinental Hotel, Kabul.
The inauguration ceremony of the event was late than scheduled time because of the rush of participants from remote areas. This was the reason that the event started at 10:30 am.
According to the agenda, event inaugurated with few verses from holly Quran.
Then Mohammad Nasib, Chairman, ANCB welcomed the participants and cordially thanked them for their participation in this grand meeting.
After that undersigned presented the 3year activity report of ANCB and gave detailed information about MSI partnership USAID funded project of Youth Awareness on Anti-Corruption Strategy High Office of Oversight (HOO) which was implemented in Nagahar University. He said the second project with cooperation of MSI was the formation of AfCAC secretariat in ANCB.
The other issue was the information on Afghan Civil Society Support Initiative (ACSSI) funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. Initially, it was a three year project joined with ACBAR and four other Japan Partners Civil Sofia (CS), Pace Wind of Japan (PWJ), AAR and JVC. This project is mainly focusing on Capacity Development of Afghan Civil Society, Shuras, NGOs and Government Departments on in 10 provinces. It was also said that this project is planned to be extended for three more years. Then the financial report of ANCB was presented by Eng. Baryalai Omarzai, member of Board of Directors, ANCB.
The other speaker of the event was Eng. Sayed Rahim Sattar, Vice-Chairman ANCB who briefed the participants about the role of Civil Society in current context. He shared full information on the CSOs about the recent idea of the establishment of CS-Joint Secretariat for follow-up of the Afghan Government overall activities.
The other speaker was Sayed Hashim Basirat, the Director General NGOs’ Department, Ministry of Economy who highlighted the role and cooperation of and NGOs’ Coordination Bodies especially ANCB during special situation and emergencies. Mr. Basirat said civil society organizations are known as the best institutions of capacity building in the country that are delivering skilled personnel to the government of Afghanistan. He thanked ANCB for inviting him to this grand event that was able to meet NGO colleagues.
The last, speaker of the event was Lal Mohammad Walizada, the Director of Economy Department of Kabul Province, he also requested the NGO colleagues to cooperate and coordinate their activities closely with the Department of Economy, Kabul in related districts of Kabul for the wellbeing of common people. He also thanked ANCB for inviting him to this gathering.
According to the Agenda the elections process for electing Chairman and the Members of Board of Directors, ANCB started and based of the ANCB’s charter first of all the election commission for the oversight and management of election process was proposed and three persons were selected and approved by the floor for this commission were:
Mrs. Roshan Sirran, Director, THRA
Eng. Abdul Ali Najimi, ASSA
Mr. Aziz Mohammad Kakar, KNF
Then, Elections for the Chairmanship of ANCB conducted. Two nominees have already submitted their applications for this post were:
Eng. A. Aziz Oriakhail and Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi, Eng. A. Aziz Oriakhail due to some reasons coul not attend the assembly; he called his colleagues about his resign from nomination. At the end, Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi remained as un-opposed nominee for this post. Again elections commission asked the floor to raise their hands, if they accept him as chairman no one against him. Finally, he was elected as chairman of ANCB.
Mr. Wahidi was requested to present his future plan for ANCB within three minutes time. Then he explained his plan, and said he is committed to work hard for ANCB and expand its activities according to its charter.
Then the second session of the elections started for the electing 15 Members of the Board of ANCB. Total 18 persons were candidates for these positions. After the elections 15 persons succeeded to obtain the membership ANCB Board of Directors. They names are as follows:

  1. Ammanullah Nasrat, HEWAD,                              
  2. Eng. Ammanullah Aman, AREP                           
  3. Eng. Baryalai Omarzai, ACRU                
  4. Eng. S.R. Sattar, APWO                                        
  5. Mohammad Nasib Ahmadi                                    
  6. Dr. Abdul Baseer, AABRAR                                     
  7. Suraya Perlika, AAWU                                             
  8. Malika Qanih, ECW                                                  
  9. Meena Sultani, ABNA                                              
  10. Qasim Tahiri,                                                            
  11. Eng. Raz Mohammad Raz, IHSAN                          
  12. Eng. Hakim Gul Ahmadi, ESAR                               
  13. Dr. Abdul Salam, SFRD                                    
  14. S. Amrullah,                                                            
  15. Mohammad Sediq Patman,                                   

The first meeting Board of Directors’ held at ANCB for the selection of Vice-Chairman and treasurer ANCB. Eng. S.R. Sattar, APWO was selected again as vice-chairman and Eng. Baryalai Omarzai, ACRU selected as treasurer by the present ANCB Board Members. They present members werw as follows:

  1. Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi
  2. 2. Eng. S.R. Sattar
  3. Mohammad Nasib Ahmadi
  4. Ammanullah Nasrat, HEWAD,                                
  5. Eng. Ammanullah Aman, AREP                              
  6. Eng. Baryalai Omarzai, ACRU                                  
  7. Dr. Abdul Baseer, AABRAR                                      
  8. Qasim Tahiri, BAS                                                    
  9. Dr. Abdul Salam, SFRD                                             
  10. S. Amrullah, ASDC

At the end of meeting it was decided that agenda for the next meeting will be allotment of the ANCB Committees.
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