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2 Administrator 2015-06-20 ANCB (Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau) was established in November 1991 in Peshawar in order to coordinate activities of Afghan NGOs, improve their capacity with a mandate to facilitate coordination among Afghan NGOs and act as conduit for information among UN, national and international NGOs, donors and the Afghan government. Currently this network has 130 Afghan NGOs as members working in various sectors throughout Afghanistan. Nevertheless, a number of capacity development programs has been conducted for member organizations’ staff in various sectors i.e. Computer Training packages, accounting, engineering (irrigation, survey and road construction), management, leadership and book keeping etc in order to enhance their performance in reconstruction and development of war ravaged Afghanistan. On the other side, ANCB as its mandate put emphasize on promotion and encouragement of Afghan society, especially Afghan youths for volunteerism as an objective of this body. Since its existence ANCB has acquired enormous experience from international community i.e. UN agencies, donor community, non-governmental organizations and welfare societies. Furthermore, ANCB is enjoying membership of International Agency of Voluntary Organizations (ICVA) based in Geneva meanwhile is represented on the board of directors of ICVA. ANCB is also a member of the world Society Forum and is actively involved in the Afghan Civil Society Community. ANCB is also a member of CIVICUS. This body has also acquired the membership of National Coordination Council (NCC). ANCB’s main funding sources are membership fees, meanwhile ANCB Board of Directors’ and donors’ contributions remain funding sources as well. Read more

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