ANCB Chater

ANCB Chater
In the laps of past centuries the freedom-loving and valiant Afghan people have always obtained such pride and honor being written in the history with golden lines and have decorated the pages of history. Referring to history will help one know these brave and courageous people. Social and historical research shows that the inhabitants of this country have two eminent and outstanding qualities. First, they resist firmly during fighting against any aggression and defend themselves steadfastly. Second, they think of rebuilding, constructing and developing their country during peace and security.

It is to be regretted that in recent history, this honorable and valiant country has been invaded and transgressed several times and her people have obtained very little chance of engaging in building and construction activities. But in spite of that, the spirit of making efforts, working and reconstruction has remained alive. Some work and development opportunities existed in this country before the former Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. Social activities, such as Ashar (social gathering for working together), building roads, mosques, schools, digging of karizes, clearing canals and streams etc. are living examples of the spirit of this nation for reconstruction, development, solidarity and working.
The distinct and express invasion and transgression of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union and continuing internal war and conflicts dashed to ground all institutions and economic infra-structure from several decades. One and a half million people were martyred, half a million were disabled and more than five million people became refugees or internally displaced

As the Afghan Jihad (holy war) started in 1978 against the former Soviet Union, all peace-loving countries of the world and volunteer organizations stood up to help the oppressed and downtrodden Afghan people. Humanitarian aid and contributions are still going on. For better efficiency and effectiveness of the support activities and programmes the national and international volunteer organizations needed to be coordinated and well organized.

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